Thursday, September 28, 2006

Buy a pair of great speakers and wait for it few more days!

Waiting is over...almost.

I just want to remind you that the new Melvins album will be released in less than two weeks. Buy CDs, not MP3s. You CAN tell the difference between those two formats! If you CAN'T, buy big, nice speakers! Stop listening the music through earphones! You can feel the band through

GIGANTIC Speakers! Oh yes!

"You can still tell it's us, but we've tried to grow. It's way better than all of our other stuff — way better." — The Melvins' Buzz Osborne


肉警部 said...

KASAI TOSHIトシマンのアルバムクレジットだけカサイとトシの間に2つ半角スペースが入っているのはなぜ? と思っているのは職業病のアッシ。ブログに感想書きました。

toshiman said...