Friday, April 04, 2008

April and May

I've been working with

Big Business


In next two months, I will be working with

White Shit,

Tweak Bird,

Soul Brand,

Red Sparowes,

Nerd Table,

and Deaf Nephews.

Totimoshi's new album, Milagrosa will be out on July 7th.

Melvins' Nude With Boots will be out on July 8th.

Check them out!!!!


stinking lizaveta said...

Nice list!

Are there any plans with Altamont in the near future? I mean album-wise?

Toshi Kasai said...

We have been writing new songs. But every member is so busy, so we don't know when we can record those songs.

Anonymous said...

Red Sparowes! Great, great band.
Btw. are you really 18 as you state at your myspace profile or have you just been working for 18 as an engineer ? :P
Best regards from Poland.

Toshi Kasai said...

Yes, they are great. Don't trust everything on the internet! My serce is like 18 years old.