Monday, June 16, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust!

Last two months, I have been working on the production of new songs with Coady and Jared of Big Business. In the same time, few bands I have been working with had their deadlines. Since last week, those projects have been finished one by one. Hell yeah! You might know them. If you don't know you should check those out, you might like one or few of them.

-Finished mastering Red Sparowes's EP.
it will be available by the "on line" digital audio soon.
-Finished mixing and will have mastered Tweak Bird's debut EP. It will be out on September, if things go well. Produced by Deaf Nephews(me and Dale of the Melvins)
-Finished mixing and will have mastered Nerd Table Brobo EP. Produced by Deaf Nephews.
-Currently mixing songs by Spleen vs Ideal.

-Also working on Big Business' Tour EP III.

Love them or be hated

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