Saturday, November 01, 2008

Project In Progress: The Flood/Back To Sleep

I just finished mixing of a short term project, "Back to Sleep" by the Flood( from Austin, Texas. You can hear some of their new tracks at their myspace. I went Austin to record the band, and used a studio called Wire Recordings(, helped by its house engineer, Joey Benjamin. We spent three days for recording and overdubbing and I spent few days for some overdubbing and mixing at my home studio. Getting the airplane was hectic, but when I got Austin, everything went smooth and I had a great time. Those guys wrote great new songs, way different from their last album for sure. By the way, those guys are frequently thought of as some kind of angry mob. But they are not like that. They are way sweeter than you would expect. The studio and Joey's workmanship were simply stunning. The album will be mastered by John Golden Mastering soon. Take a listen, you might like their tunes.

I'm also working on some other projects, such as Big Business and "F vs J"(it's a secret project, ha!). I will keep posting about them soon.

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