Saturday, October 29, 2011

Counterfeit Melvins Houdini

From Melvins' Facebook.

(the) Melvins

Hey Folks, some douche bag out there has made over 5000 counterfeit RED vinyl "Houdini" records (there was no red edition), and is passing them off as real for big bucks. These are fakes. Aside from sounding like complete crap they are made with the sole intention of ripping off you guys, as well as the band. Anyone that can give us the name of the scum bag making them, we will take care of mightily. Don't go off on stores, eBayers, online shops as they were likely ripped off as well. Please tell anyone trying to sell it, that it's a fake/counterfeit, as they might not know. We only want the scumbag that's pressing 'em!

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