Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tour Dates!

11/02/2005 Neumo's Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, WA

8:00pm Doors, 9:00pm Showtime

11/04/2005 Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

8:00pm Doors, 9:00pm Showtime

11/05/2005 Capitol Theater Olympia, WA

Show Schedule is TBA

11/07/2005 WOW Hall Eugene, OR

8:00pm Doors, 9:00pm Showtime

11/08/2005 Kate Buchanan Hall Arcata, CA

Show Schedule is TBA

11/09/2005 Boardwalk Sacramento, CA

7:30pm Doors, 8:30pm Showtime

11/16/2005 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA

8:00pm Doors, 9:00pm Showtime

You can hear song samples of "Monkees' Uncle"



Gard I. Eliassen said...

You lucky americans!

yoshiloop said...
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yoshiloop said...

Thank you for stopping by the J&S live show last week! I'm glad to see you shaking your ass and grooving with girls!? sorry just kidding,but. No kidding that I'd appreciate for your friendship man!
now, it's your time to show me what the real rock is all about!!!
Rock rules!!

toshiman said...

You are very welcome, yoshiloop.

I'm not into that kinda music, but I did not mind them. I hope they are going to be big, you will make more money and you will buy me drink. Anyway I will show you how to rock and how to roll, pretty soon. Sorry mine is not cheap! But I will give you good time!