Monday, October 03, 2005

The Electric Uku!

I just got an electric/acoustic ukulele by Oscar Schmidt. Because of its wood, it sounds like a small acoustic guitar. I wish it was made from Koa. But it's O.K.. I have a regular uku anyway. I can use this one on stage with a guitar amp. It will be louder than Les Paul.

長い間探していたエレアコのウクレレ。 見つかりました! ライブで使いたかったのです。 これ、ひきまくります! ちょっと普通のソプラノウクレレより大きく、コアでなくマホガニーで作られているので、ちっちゃなアコースッティックギターのような音ですけど、これは使えます。 スタジオでも使いたいです。  


Audio Data Dude said...

So, are you going to play that on the Altamont tour?

Audio Data Dude

toshiman said...

Fu25 Yeah! That's why I spent so much money.

Audio Data Dude said...

How expensive was it?

Thanks for your inspiring comments on my blog. I think I will just document my suicide instead. Seriously though I was thinking of using Oto-Sound with the pure data blog, what do you think?


toshiman said...

Do it! and do it!

Audio Data Dude said...

Done! and Done!

Audio Data Dude said...

Hey, quit coming to my blog and swearing everywhere! I will put up a link to Oto-Sound soon enough! I am thinking about a new look for Oto-Sound. You (&*()&_@#(*@#)(*!!!