Monday, November 21, 2005


Altamont just opened Myspace account. Check this out!


Gard I. Eliassen said...

I have a profile there, but I have to change over to myspace MUSIC to have my band there. I have sent them a mail, so Ill get a new profile soon.

El Stupido sounds REALLY good!

toshiman said...

Thank you, friend! I'm learning how to set Myspace up. If you notice something let me know.

vanillatray said...

komban wa toshi-san,

I met you at the sacramento altamont/melvins show, talked a bit about circuit bending. Here is my first circuit-bent project (that I'm proud of):

Circuit Bent Voice Changer

Also I added the myspace altamont to my friends list. fun stuff.

toshiman said...

Hey vanillatray!

i remember we talked about circuit bending in Sacrament. I checked you web site, but I could not hear your CB sound. Also I found your name on Myspace. Keep in touch.
You can hear some stuff I did with CB.


vanillatray said...

Just a question, who is the new melvins bassist, or rather, who is touring with the melvins this time around?? I've been looking for info everywhere on that guy that opened up with the static/noise (which the kids hated..??)

vanillatray said...

hey again, I'll post up some sounds when I record them onto the computer. have a good night.

toshiman said...

That was Dave Stone. He's been playing with Melvins for years.

Widmer said...

Sir David Scott Jones is GOD and F them kids! Toshiman...........sent those pictures.

toshiman said...


Those are great pics!
Can we use some on my blog or our Myspace?
Thanks, Widmer