Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last few months

So... I haven't written much blog lately, because I have been busy like Macaulay Culkin in 1990-93, and just came back from a short tour of Big Business(thank you all for coming to shows). Here are what I have done in studios for last few months.

-Red Sparowes new album.
This album is done, will be mastered in a week, and will be released spring(?) of 2010. It will have great instrumental tunes.

-Helmet new album.
7 songs are recorded. They are taking a break from recording for writing few more songs. This will be out around next spring as well. Sounds like Helmet! But some are little different. A rocking album for sure.

-Tweak Bird new album.
Producing their songs with Dale as Deaf Nephews, tracked at Manny Nieto Estudio by Manny. It has no release plan yet, but some point of next year. If you want to sing alone, this is it. I've been working on this for right now.

Also, few albums I worked on were just released.

-Red Sparowes/"Aphorisms(EP, Vinyl)"
They are on tour now, and few shows left. Go there and get the EP!

-White Shit/"White Shi’ite(EP, Vinyl)"
A project with Andy Coronado (Wrangler Brutes, Monorchid, Skull Kontrol, Nazti Skins) and my "babies," Coady and Jared. True punk. Funny shit as well!

A super group(like heavy version of Traveling Wilburys) by Wino, Scott Kelly, Al Cisneros, and Dale. Produced by Shrinebuilder and Deaf Newphews(Dale is in two places!). They will have some shows. Check them out!

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radicaLibre said...

new album of helmet, great!!!!!