Thursday, December 28, 2006

みらい党(Mirai-tou) Master CD

Just got a mastered CD from John Golden mastering studio who has been mastering hundreds of rock albums like Black Flag, Flipper, Primus, Sonic Youth and so on. Also a band called the Melvins with whom I'm not really familiar has been using the studio for years. The mastered CD is for a fresh, vigorous, punk band from Japan, called みらい党(Mirai-tou). Dale Crover and I produced them last May. There were several reasons why there was a long period to mix for this album. Dale had been very busy with Melvins. I had been working for some other bands in studios as well...etc... Nevertheless, finally we made it. John Golden and his son, JJ did a great job as usual. I'm so happy with the result of the sound of this album. To tell the truth, this was the lowest budget session we ever had. It recorded in two days at WestBeach Recorders in Hollywood, assisted by Ian Peterson, and mixed at the Nephew's Closet. We were not sure we could do it, but we did it, yes, we did it good.
Now it's time to shop it around to the labels for release. One of the biggest reasons why it took a long time to finsh this album was that we were waiting for responses from some labels by sending rough mixes. Before we would spend more money for mixing, we wanted to make sure some labels would like their music, and some have shown interest. We are trying to send the final product to even more record companies. Anyone knows any labels we can take a shot for, let us know. Here are songs of Mirai-tou, you can listen samples at:
Hope you will like those songs and sounds.

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