Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know only very few people care, or maybe none,

but on last Big Business tour, some people asked me about my bio. So I made it.
Unfortunately, on this site's profile, this bio is too long. I put it on Myspace though.
Thank you for your time.

I am a music producer/engineer and musician. I was born in Tokyo but have been living in Los Angeles since 1997. After I graduated from Los Angeles Recording Workshop(now called Los Angeles Recording School), I started working at several studios before I ended up at Hook Studio in North Hollywood as a chief engineer. At Hook Studio I worked on a number of projects. One of the most memorable of these was Tool's "Lateralus." During the sessions, I became a good friend of the guitarist Adam Jones. Adam introduced me to a few of his friends, including Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and Kevin Rutmanis of the Melvins.

A few months after I met the Melvins members, they came to Hook Studio where I worked on their album, "Hostile Ambient Takeover." Since then, they have asked me to continue working with them on their other recordings, such as Jello Biafra with the Melvins "Never Breathe What You Can't See" and Melvins/Lustmord "Pigs of the Roman Empire." In addition, Dale also offered me the job of producer for his side project, Altamont "Monkees' Uncle" which I ended up playing keyboard on as well. Dale proceeded to put my name on "Monkees' Uncle" as a member of Altamont without telling me. Even though to this day, he has had me play with them in shows, he still hasn't asked me to officially join the band - What a dick! In spite of this, Dale and I formed a production team, called Deaf Nephews. Since then we have also produced other bands' projects, such as Tweak Bird's "Reservations" and Shrinebulider's first album.

As a chief technician at Hook Studio, I learned a lot about electronics and started making my own guitar effect boxes. I also ventured into the relatively new area of audio known as circuit bending during this period. Since then, I have made many effects and circuit bending instruments and used them on quite a few projects. For example, you can hear the sound of my circuit bending keyboard on "Flush" from Melvins' "Nude with Boots."

In 2005, Dale introduced me to Coady Willis and Jared Warren from Big Business. They eventually joined the Melvins as permanent members. We became pretty good friends while working on the Melvins' album "(A) Senile Animal" (its release got attention from other bands such as, Red Sparrowes and Totimoshi which lead to even more work for me working on their albums). During this period, Big Business asked me to go on their two week tour as a sound engineer/keyboard player. Shortly after this, they hired me again as a tour guitarist/keyboard player for their next itineration. As luck would have it, on the second day of the circuit, Big Business got an offer to open for Tool on the road. Big Business postponed the second half of their own tour and immediately accepted the offer. I felt I had been rewarded through the circle of life(Tool > Melvins > Big Business > Tool)! It was truly an amazing experience playing in front of thousands of people and I will never forget it. Since I didn't freak out on the Tool and Big Business tours, Coady and Jared wanted me to be a permanent member, and I became one on March 2008. That same year, we made an album called "Mind The Drift" which was produced by Phil Ek and released on Hydra Head Records in May of 2009.

After having recently finished the tour with Big Business, I have set about working on my own project called noUND noR soISE, as well as a collaboration project called Serce with Peter M. of Noise Inc. I am also occasionally performing with Porn, a band with Dale and Tim Moss.

I am always looking for unique bands to work with on projects. My expertise runs the gamut from production & engineering to studio musician and electronics technician. I offer all this at competitive rates and I never skimp on quality for my clients. Contact me today for work on the project of tomorrow.


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